Unlimited Motion Soccer academy is the premier soccer Academy in the Tampa Bay Area. Mike Connell and his staff share a passion for the game and are committed to helping players reach a standard of excellence. UMSA believes in the long term development of the player and person. Every aspect of the training is designed to enhance the ability of the player. Repetition and the understanding of how the body relates to the ball are important to the growth of all players. Components of the program include; Mental Development, Concentration, Preparation of body and ball, Receiving and Passing, Heading, Positional responsibilities, Conditioning, Positional fitness and understanding how the game of soccer is played.

Mike believes players must be surrounded by a love for the game in the same way he learned the game in his native South Africa. At 16 he played for the Rangers Football club, a professional team in Johannesburg. At 18 he came to Tampa to join the Tampa Bay Rowdies and help pioneer the game in the area. In 1975 he was a starter on the Rowdies when they won Soccer Bowl 1975. His career saw him play against some of the world's greatest players such as Pele, Beckenbauer, Neeskins, Cruyff, Best, Carlos Alberto. Mike went on to become the youngest player to captain the Rowdies and one of the youngest players to be picked to the NASL All-Star team.  After the NASL collapsed in 1984, Mike followed his passion of teaching the game. A career that had him win a High School title with Clearwater Central Catholic and take two teams to the USSF youth national finals. His Countryside u16 team lost in the final while a year later saw Temple Terrace win the u17 finals.

Integral in the philosophy at UM is the importance of respecting the game and players. Aspects that Mike believes are important to any players progress. Players are encouraged to understand the game and the importance of skill, decision-making, field management, balance and joy of playing.


UMSA trainees learn specific techniques and mechanics in dribbling, receiving, passing, defending, and finishing which allows greater on the ball confidence. Players understand 1v1 options as well as the power of 2v1.


Understanding your position and field awareness allows for good decisions. With confidence players understand 1v1 as well as the importance of team involvement. Small sided games gives players the opportunity to make decisions and expand their ability to dribble, pass and defend. Field management, change of play, patience and pace of game will also be incorporated into the training program.


The physical demands in soccer requires players to be in top physical shape. Using the latest training aids players learn agility, balance, strength, speed and stamina . Flexibility, stretching and power of thought is introduced to older players through yoga..Players also learn the importance of nutrition and game preparation. If the player does not have confidence and a strong mind the chances are the player will fail to reach his potential. At UMSA we expect players to train their mind to be positive and to forget the physical mistakes.

Code of Conduct

Players are encouraged to conduct themselves in a manner reflected through the UMSA D.R.E.A.M.E.R method.


The ability to spend the time, effort and focus needed to reach your goal


To become a better player through repeating skills, thoughts and techniques.


Seeing the game on a global basis and understanding the challenge ahead.


To focus on the target and never give up on reaching your goal of being the best player you can be.


Surrounding yourself with people and players of like minds so your efforts will be appreciated and rewarded.


The road you are on is a long road. Players must endure the rough and lonely times knowing the effort will be rewarded.


As a UMSA player you respect the game, coaches, teammates, opposition and yourself.